Labour Whip Mark Tami MP visits pharmaceutical manufacturer ADC Biotechnology

On 26 April, the Rt Hon Mark Tami MP visited the headquarters of leading pharmaceutical manufacturer ADC Biotechnology in Deeside. Welcomed by CEO Charlie Johnson, Mr Tami heard how the company has established itself as a pioneering drugs manufacturer, operating in a high growth section of the cancer therapeutics market.

Since its founding in 2011, ADC Bio has been developing its proprietary “Lock-Release” technology platform and pushing the boundaries of scientific research and development.

The Labour Whip also heard about the role of Venture Capital Trust (VCT) investment from funds Maven and Downing. These funds have provided crucial development capital enabling ADC Bio to continue its research and development programmes, alongside conducting further clinical trials of its innovative products. 

Mr Tami tweeted about the visit, saying how great it is to have a world leading biotech company in Deeside, and that exciting times lay ahead for ADC Bio.